Two years of experience with GcMAF in CFS

I have used three sources of GcMAF in over 50 of my CFS cases and all three are manufactured in Europe. All three sources contain active GcMAF but vary in their manufacturing details and marketing approaches. Where this is applicable, all three meet European government certified manufacturing practices and two of the three are certified as sterile for use as an injectable. The third is a probiotic induced GcMAF and taken orally in a Yogurt-like preparation whereas two are synthesized like drugs and are called “chemical” GcMAF.

GcMAF studies presented at IACFS/ME meetings in Ottawa

GcMAF appears to be an effective therapy for well defined CFS patients

Should anti-retroviral drugs used for HIV be used to treat CFS patients with XMRV?

In my opinion, these drugs must be used only in well designed studies and the sooner the better because many patients and their doctors are being persuaded to try them as they read the anecdotes on web blogs of CFS patients using RT inhibitors and integrase inhibitors. Anecdotal self-reports are very suspect in CFS due to spontaneous improvements and the longer term problems which are sure to come will not be evident for years. Some problems may also be sudden and dramatic, especially heart problems linked to ischemia.

Can structured or certain natural waters be of benefit to CFS

The issue of redox shifting as well as redox buffering in CFS appears of paramount importance. Cellular energy is critically dependent on redox and reduced energy fluctuations are dependent on proper redox buffering. In addition, many important viruses linked to CFS including herpes group viruses and the newly discovered retrovirus XMRV are likely very sensitive to the redox set point. At optimal redox set points, no viral replication is possible. These two concepts of viral activation and cellular energy as redox dependent makes attention to redox shifting of critical importance in CFS. It appears that certain types of water may be very useful in adjusting the redox state of CFS in a positive direction.

Artemisins as therapy in CFS

Before we learned that Artesunate might inhibit XMRV via NF Kappa B inhibition in August of 2009, we were aware that Artesunate was a known inhibitor of all known human herpes viruses against which it has been tested as well as HIV. I was first introduced to Artesunate by a prominent Autism expert at a medical conference who finds it helpful in Autism. We were also impressed that Artesunate and its relative Wormwood, using SL administration on the echo table, produced the most powerful ablation of oxygen toxicity as well as the ablation of other echo terrain map (ETM) backflashes than any other therapy we have ever used. Both Artesunate and Wormwood will do this in 30 seconds.

Vitamin E preparations – an issue of manufacturing and processing

I have tested a patient’s response to various vitamin E preparations on the ETM plus a typical array of nutrients that are standard practice in my clinic – Methyl-B12, Hydroxy-B12, Glucose, Fructose, Olive Oil and Fish Oil. The last six always show this kind of response in CFS but not in controls who are all positive for these six except Fructose which can be mixed in controls. CoQ-10 response can be mixed positive or negative in CFS but positive in controls. The historical variance for IVRT testing is plus or minus 1% and IVRT is measured three times and averaged. IVRT is an indirect measure of the free energy in the heart myocardial cells. Positive is good and negative is bad as it indicates a loss of free energy. These immediate responses in IVRT over a few minutes may or may not reflect later effects over time but are rather more useful to detect immediate positive or negative effects. Later effects can also be monitored but requires sequential testing over months of many patients on the same nutrient. This had only been done for a few items we currently use in therapy.

Update on H1N1 strategies for CFS cases

I have advised all my patients and their families to take 2000 IU of Vitamin D during this H1N1 crisis who can tolerate it and to go on Insosine at 500 mg BID and ramp it up to 1500 mg BID if exposed to or infected with H1N1. We have had only one case of H1N1 in a non-CFS adult child of a CFS case who reportedly did well on ramped Inosine but we don’t know what would have happened if she had not done that. Inosine can reduce death rates by viral infections, even when given late.

Artesunate and Wormwood use in CFS

When I added Artsesunate to my complete protocol including CSF’s with pre-treatments, GMP and dietary changes a year ago, it seemed that overall, the clinical responses significantly improved and I saw a large number of patients completely resolve their diastolic dysfunction over time which I had never seen before I added Artesunate. The dogma in Cardiology is that diastolic dysfunction, once apparent, never goes away completely on echo. That is not true here and it began to be seen when we added Artesunate to an admittedly already complex protocol. All my stem cell patients are on this protocol as well. The stem cell patients show the most improvement on echo including ETM and diastolic dysfunction via standard echo. They are, however, on a complex protocol in addition to stem cells.

What to do for the flu season and N1H1.

What is interesting about CFS is that as a group they are very immune activated and this immune activation includes the ant-viral pathway RNAse-L. As a group, they typically are resistant to acquiring the flu and I cannot remember a single case of severe morbidity or mortality from influenza in a CFS case in 25 years of practice in CFS. On the other hand, there are numerous examples of vaccine induced relapses of CFS, sometimes lasting for months and occasionally severe. I conclude that the risk benefit analysis shifts more towards not vaccinating than vaccinating. This may shift back however, as the CFS case gets less severe and the patient is working and exposed to crowds or is under 40 or pregnant in the case of N1H1.

Anabolism vs. Catabolism – an issue of timing

When deciding when to use the CSF mixtures, hereafter called the Catabolic CSF Mixture (Heart, Brain and Pancreas) and the Anabolic CSF Mixture (Pancreas, Liver and Kidney), it is important to understand or “grok” your own catabolic period and your own anabolic period of the day.