A retrovirus called XMRV is linked to CFS

The finding of antibody or active virus in 95% of CFS and 4% of controls is a result that argues for causality, in my opinion, especially with the associated RNAse-L corruption and NK functional impairment that might predict such an infection. This novel retrovirus could easily shift the redox state just like HIV as has been published in (2001) and (1995) and induce all manner of associated pathogens as seen in CFS. A redox shift could ultimately corrupt the gut ecology and create P450 decoupling based on NADPH depletion observed in CFS and lead to environmental illness as well. Time will tell but I think Dr. Mikovits is right to suspect causality. I also think this virus is infectious with at least ten million Americans infected who appear healthy and perhaps another four million Americans or more with CFS as recently estimated by the CDC (2007). However, disease expression may be more limited causing the illusion that it is not infectious. Furthermore, there may be other diseases that are similar and dissimilar to CFS that are associated with if not caused by XMRV.