Antibiotics in CFS

There are some practitioners that claim significant improvement in CFS case of 20 points or more on the Karnofsky performance score (KPS) which in my practice, with an average KPS score of 60, would be a functional cure. Almost all of my patients have been on any number of antibiotics, some very aggressively so for putative Lyme disease before they get to me.  In my own hands, I would say that antibiotics have shown a modest response rate (nothing like 20 points) in perhaps 10% of my cohort and that response will not be sustained in most of those cases.  There are a few that seem to do well on antibiotics (typically doxycycline) over years but I can count them on one hand.  Those that have had big problems on antibiotics are the norm and not the exception though I suppose the Lyme experts have an explanation for success or failure which is always convenient, even in their own hands.

The stem cell therapy protocol we are currently engaged in seems much superior, so far, to anything I have ever seen to date since I entered this field in 1984.  The stem cell response rate in MS is much better than what you will ever get with antibiotics or any pharmaceutical, even those who are in the secondary progressive stage of MS.  To me, this strongly suggests that in both MS and CFS, complex terrain issues are the bigger problem and organisms are simply taking advantage of this fact so that reductionism to pharmaceuticals directed against single agents or pathways will be a poor therapeutic choice except perhaps early in the illness and in the occasional patient who is much less complex.

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